Key People Check

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Key decision making ahead?

Get to know our innovative reliability and holistic safety checks.

Globalisation, digital transformation and the robotic revolution are contributing to significant instability and trust issues within organisations and management functions.


Sort out nature and nurture, verify true natural talent, energy burn rate and project compatibility.


Measure individual or group instability, misalignment, organizational risks.


Increase trust, improve stability and smooth operational workflow.


Our mission is to ensure people have a place in a world where digital transformation prevails.

Key People Check is the human interface for deep machine learning and AI.
Our proprietary Deep Identity Clarifying Process™ predicts and solves human conditioning-related risks and trust issues.

Our complete process combines A.I. with trained expert analysis to deliver a world-leading psychological reliability and safety assessment solution.


“Thank you for your intervention with the Executive Committee. We pulled a turn around year with >500% growth, 39% reduction in OPEX, exceeded our cash burn reduction target and managed our Workers Council issues ahead of plan.”

D. — CEO

“A remarkable tool that is both clear and precise and which enabled a better understanding and fuller support of our project’s partners and key players. A new guarantee for the sustainability of the strategy along with greater security for our
investments. You can’t imagine the havoc earlier due to the lack of appropriate screening approach like yours.”

R. — Chairman and CEO
HI-TEC company, and HEDGE FUND advisor

“Really impressed by how fast you can analyse personalities and draw the right conclusions. I have now a much better understanding of my background and life track. As an engineer
your systematic and rational model suits me. I have learned more in one session with you than through all other personality tests and teambuildings I have been through before.”

F. , R&D Director
Automotive industry

Key People Check