Key People Check offers a holistic people profiling solution consisting of a two-step process that combines A.I. with a trusted human expert:

Deep Identity Clarifying Process







(Examples of analytics issued at the end of a DICP® -Step1 process)

Our sensitive and unbiased approach is based on human behavioral conditioning and has been designed to uncover increasingly common identity and psychosomatic issues in today’s unstable and complex world.

The result is a deep and meaningful analysis of character, and the whole process takes place in a people-focused, relaxed environment, with zero unconscious bias. Can you picture it yet?

Individuals and teams leave with a newfound sense of clarity, reassurance and their trust restored. Suddenly, people begin to experience greater stability, both in a personal context and on a professional or corporate level.

Our approach is culturally agnostic, and is proven to be particularly effective in global transformation programs and international M&A projects. And, of course, we employ advanced data privacy policies and military-level encryption, giving candidates the highest levels of protection and reassurance.


Our proprietary Deep Identity Clarifying Process® predicts and solves human conditioning-related risks.

Step one is a unique way to understand who you really are and how you may have become conditioned through experience. It will clarify or reassure you about the career and life path you’re on. You’ll receive entirely personal results that will enable you to detect and decode potential conflicts, and better manage relationships and criticisms.

We work with individuals and organisations to cultivate and maintain the sense of security and self-affirmation that everyone seeks.

For organisations, investing in a DICP® screening for recruitment candidates or existing high-potential employees is proven to reduce the length of the recruitment process, and optimize internal mobility and career development. Our unbiased assessments support existing processes and mitigate the risk of costly mistakes.

All candidates receive a copy of their identity and behavioural analysis report to keep and reflect on and mature with. Take a look at our what our customers say to learn more.




(Examples of analytics resulting out of cross-checking several DICP® -Step1 profiles)

Our group compatibility checks and simulations simplify risk analysis, facilitate change and enhance performance.

In a global project environment, the two-step DICP® approach enables you to implement change and operate in a transformation environment more effectively by quickly giving you a deep understanding of your colleagues’ conditioning and characteristics.

Our intensive team debriefing workshops dramatically improve mutual understanding and help leverage talent. Armed with a better knowledge of themselves and others, your teams will shape realistic and sustainable roadmaps for individual fulfilment, energy balance and corporate goals.

Our two-step process identifies team misalignment, passive resistance, betrayal, conflict and relevant psychosomatic issues to provide a complete risk map, developed over three stages.


Sort out nature and nurture, verify true natural talent, energy burn rate and project compatibility.


Measure individual or group instability, misalignment, organizational risks.


Increase trust, improve stability and smooth operational workflow.

The Reliability dashboard and indicators display highly accurate metrics, identifying blind spots and critical issues. The data your need to make your case for change is in your hands.

Key People Check