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“I’m frequently under pressure to reduce costs across various business functions, and this often involves making redundancies and restructuring teams. Decisions tend to be rushed and focus on short-term financial fixes and employees’ technical skills. We just hope our people are resilient enough to continue to deliver on their responsibilities despite the changes, but the disruption means we usually lose time on key projects as a result.”

Does this sound familiar?

You’re responsible for operational efficiency, and you’re a key stakeholder in any change management or digital transformation programme, regardless of which area of the business is impacted.

You’re heavily involved in technology and finance, but you’re also accountable for communication and governance.


Our expertise in strategic change management takes care of the people factor. Key People Check quickly anticipates, detects and reduces human risk factors that can threaten overall objectives.

Avoid expensive losses incurred when change is poorly managed and use Key People Check to identify areas resistant to change, as well as those who can facilitate it. Key People Check not only facilitates the implementation of change, it also addresses and eliminates wasted resource.


“I’m always under pressure to fill high profile positions, but I’ve seen the same types of mistakes made over and over again. The financial impact of having the wrong person in the wrong role is usually absorbed by the business unit, but of course, HR is also accountable for these kinds of costs.”

We’re here to support you

You’re responsible for attracting and retaining the best talent, managing the end-to-end recruitment process and reducing staff turnover. You’re also responsible for ensuring high potentials and c- level employees are motivated and perform rigorous, but often long-winded, interview processes to try to ensure the right fit.


The DICP approach has the power to reduce the attrition rate of high potentials and resolve internal conflicts. Key People Check supports existing HR processes. Experience proves that our solution will reduce the risk of recruitment mistakes, especially at c-level.

Work-related stress is just one of many factors that contributes towards burnout or a breakdown. Enhance your recruitment strategy with new insights that anticipate candidates’ reactions to significant life events or changes, both personal and professional. Key People Check empowers you to enable the business to make the right recruitment decisions, first time.


“Experience tells me that the alternative to rushing investment decisions is to drag the process out for far too long. Both scenarios waste precious budget and create tension amongst stakeholders on both sides, who sense a lack of commitment.”

We’re right there with you

You’re close to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic re-engineering. Governance also has a crucial role in all these operations. You have core accountability for large investment funds and making key decisions. The pressure is on!


Key People Check offers a guarantee to achieving set financial objectives. You can trust us with the risks associated with stakeholders, and together we’ll assess the human factors that are already present.

Don’t let history repeat itself. Poor people planning and uninformed personnel decisions often result in requests for extra budget and additional resource. Key People Check will alleviate the risk of future conflict between partners and ultimately mitigate potentially significant financial losses.


“We’re used to working with cross-cultural teams made up of various sub-contractors and suppliers. My priority is sufficient planning to ensure we deliver on time, but communication issues often impact the schedule. We tend to use one common language (English), but of course, there isn’t one common culture.”

Our approach is global, yet entirely personal

Managing multi-cultural and cross-functional teams and cost control is your bread and butter. You’re measured on operational efficiency, managing delays and obstacles effectively, and the related financial impact.


Key People Check is designed to anticipate and mitigate people misalignment as a result of different cultures and characteristics. Together, we’ll assess the key stages of project implementation and the risks associated with technical problems, delays and the heightened tensions that inevitably form.

Key People Check supplies actionable insights enabling you to detect key sources of disruption and facilitate a much smoother operational workflow.

Key People Check