Key People Check is a European, Barcelona based company, with a multinational staff and an ambitious expansion plan.

We offer one of the safest and most reliable human profiling and advisory services on the market.


We’re always two steps ahead. We never stop investigating new fields of research and opportunities to multiply our scientific partnerships.


Our solution is global, unbiased, and personal. We know no cultural or geographical boundaries, but we have utmost respect for each individual’s uniqueness and privacy.


We strive to increase the level of trust within organisations, and you can trust us completely.

Work with Key People Check and you’ll experience our uncontainable enthusiasm and curiosity for the future of science and mankind. We’re continuously evolving to optimise our operational effectiveness, and we celebrate change.

We’re an international team with a deep understanding of culture and what it means to deliver a comfortable experience.

Our complex and rigorous approach to development is applied to our products and our people to provide our clients with the highest levels of confidentiality and deliver a premium standard, every time.

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Key People Check