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Private Equity firm, 25m€ invested in clean energy tech transatlantic venture.
Amid negotiations with new industry-leading partner, their cash burn was around $2m/month, the sales pipeline was near empty, and high levels of distrust at all levels were causing a bad atmosphere. Key People Check delivered 8 individual ExCo screenings, ExCo workshop reporting on insights inc. SWOT analysis, complete ExCo Analysis Report including recommendations, presented to the Board, 4 individual screenigs to prepare N-1 empowerment and double-check the recruitment of the new VPt of Sales.

“Thank you for your awareness-raising team analysis and intervention with the Executive Committee. We pulled a turn around year: >500% booking growth,39% reduction in OPEX Exceeded cash burn reduction target and managed our Workers Council issues ahead of plan.”

CEO — international clean energy start up

A transnational joint venture based in China was experiencing billion dollar losses and had been working with a leading strategic management consulting company for six months prior to investing in DICP, seeing little progress or improvement. Key People Check screened some key executives in the R&D department to quickly understand the reasons behind their passive resistance.

“I’m truly impressed by the speed at which Key People Check identified key areas of loss in our business, simply by modeling personalities and team dynamics in the business. I personally have a much better understanding of the path I’m on. As an engineer, I completely resonated with your systematic and rational model and I’ve learnt much more in one session than from multiple other personality tests combined. Thank you for showing us the light, and we look forward to working with you again on the next steps.”

Engineer and R&D — Car manufacturer

Key People Check implemented DICP analysis to enable significant cost reductions as part of a global change management programme within a key international insurance company. The DICP solution was used to identify blind spots and sources of passive resistance, as well as to appoint naturally talented change managers.

“The DICP analysis is like nothing I’ve seen before – Key People Check explains human conditioning in greater depth and with better efficiency than anyone else in the people profiling market.”

“My personal experience gave me a much clearer understanding of my own motivators, enabling me to add huge value to the change management project I’m currently involved in. For me, the large-scale potential of DICP is clear. Organisations across all industries can benefit from Key People Check to better understand their people, from navigators, to stream leads and line managers.”

Change Manager — Global Insurance company

Delivery of a pilot project for increasing sales of water clearing stations in Russia had been delayed three years and was facing high penalty fines. The expatriated Project Manager was close to burnout under high pressure to deliver. Key People Check ran DICP screening and an intercultural training workshop to determine the reasons for miscommunication and poor management on both sides. Within six weeks, the pilot unit was finally up and running.

“Largely thanks to Key People Check’s intervention, we were finally able to deliver our long-awaited pilot unit in Russia. We were over three years behind schedule and millions of euros had already been wasted as a result of major team misalignment. Key People Check helped turn the situation around in a matter of weeks. Thank you!”

Project Manager — worldwide environmental services company

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